Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Can Customer Service be Leveraged to Increase Sales?

To be successful in today’s challenging environment, insurance carriers and marketing organizations must offer agents a consumer friendly product portfolio with competitive compensation that is processed in a timely and accurate manner. Within our industry, solving the operational equation can be the toughest part of the agent value proposition.

In his white paper, Leveraging Operations for Success, Steve Kennedy, Insurance Insight Group Principal & COO provides proven strategies to reduce processing times and increase productivity without requiring a significant capital investment in operations.

Through focused utilization and motivation of staff, a detailed workflow analysis and enhanced inventory management, Steve believes that key performance metrics will quickly improve. The key is to then support the program with a full customer communication campaign to ensure that their perception of service moves toward the new reality.

What are your thoughts? Can customer service be improved without a significant capital investment? Do companies place enough emphasis on customer service? Please provide your comments and experiences regarding customer service in the life and annuity insurance marketplace.

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