Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Perfect Annuity Prospecting: Why Seven Times?

Many financial advisors try a prospecting method once or twice, determine that the results did not meet expectations and stop using it. That seems to make good business sense. After all, why would you want to spend good money after bad? But insurance marketing experts say repetition is key, even if the initial results seem disheartening.

Brian D. Mann is the Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at Partners Advantage Insurance Services and a multimillion-dollar producer. He finds that repeat mailings usually yield good results for his organization and for his personal practice.

“You have to stay in front of your annuity prospects in order to build credibility and to position yourself as having the expertise they need,” Mann says. “When a need arises or when something finally captures their attention, they will call you. You have to be committed and consistent in your marketing practices.”

If you think about it, driving just a few miles on a major commercial street presents you with hundreds of commercial messages from the businesses you pass. Plus, reading a magazine, listening to the radio, watching television and surfing the Web present you with hundreds more every day. The reality is that you are constantly bombarded with such commercial messages, so you are accustomed to mentally blocking out most of them.

That is why repetition is so important. Each time your message is repeated to the customer, whether it is in the same form or a slightly different form, it moves your target audience a little closer to responding to you, because they see a reason to become more familiar with you.

For more, read our first blog post: Hit the Jackpot with the Power of Seven. Our next post will discuss prospecting Seven Times with the Same Method.

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