Thursday, July 2, 2009

Chris Conklin's Insights are Popular on

Chris Conklin, Principal and Actuary at Insurance Insight Group, is a regularly featured columnist on where his life and annuity insights receive a lot of attention. One of his recent articles "Where three types of annuities fit in a client's portfolio" spent several weeks on the top of the "Most Popular" articles list and still sits high on the "Editor's Top Picks" list.

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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Perfect Annuity Prospecting: Seven Times with the Same Method

Michael Poirot, marketing director at Game Plan Financial Marketing, talks with numerous annuity producers daily to help them determine what prospecting methods might work best for them. He indicates that he has seen financial advisors have success with newspaper advertising, direct mail, seminars and radio shows.

He says it is always important to advertise a hot topic. Right now, financial consumer concerns are related to the economy’s instability and the collapse of the stock and real estate markets. Any advertising that talks about safety, guaranteed returns and attractive places to put money in today’s tough environment will have appeal.

Poirot also says the seven-time rule is key. “If you can’t afford to repeat your message to your target audience seven times, you need to find another prospecting method.”

For more, read Hit the Jackpot with the Power of Seven or Why Seven Times?

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